Elizabeth Hurley Joins 'Gossip Girl': What Will She Wear?

Elizabeth Hurley at the 10th Annual ARK Gala Dinner in London, England on June 9, 2011.
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Oh, Gossip Girl. You know just how to keep us interested. Just when we had almost almost forgotten how completely driven MAD we were waiting for this next season of GG, you reinvigorate all of our nail-biting hair-pulling anticipation with a press release that you KNOW is going to surface more than a few times on any style-phile’s radar. Fash-royalty Elizabeth Hurley is joining the upcoming season of Gossip Girl. SAY WHAAAAA?

That’s right, y’all. Liz Hurley will join the cast to play Diana Payne, “a sexy, smart, self-made media mogul and all-around force to be reckoned with,” GG’s executive producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran told TV Line. Diana’s addition to the Upper East Side will reportedly, “change the lives of all our characters – including, and especially Gossip Girl herself.” HMMmm… Not content with living in mystery, we wonder what on this good green EARTH this could mean. Will GG (the blog) be bought out by Payne’s media conglomerate? Does Diana Payne want to turn the lives of the UES elite into a reality show? (Pause and save for later ‘cause it’s SO META) Is Miss Payne Gossip Girl HERSELF – having started the blog in an attempt to teach some sort of lesson to the über-privileged Upper East Side which tormented her in her youth?!? Our imaginations are running absolutely WILD with this news. AS THEY SHOULD BE.

One thing is for sure, Liz most def has the fashion chops to cut it with the series’ esteemed costume department. As we ponder what the plotline holds in store for this actress-turned-model-turned-designer-turned-actress-again-also, we take a glimpse back at her style evolution to date for cues as to what she’ll bring to the fashion table.


Elizabeth Hurley in white at The 67th Annual Academy Awards, attending the 'Austin Powers' Premiere in 1997,and at the VH1 Divas Live party in 1999.
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Toward the beginning of her career, a red carpet staple for Liz was the gem-laden optic white bodycon. The perfect complement to Hurley's gleaming pearly whites and out-of-this-world body, we hope to see this style resurface on the small screen, provided the rampant sparkle situation films well and doesn't blind any camera grips.


Elizabeth Hurley at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Hot Pink Party in 2007, at th The Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Hottest Pink Party Ever in 2008, and Estee Lauder's 50th Anniversary With Harrods.
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Lately, Liz has been photographed in a lot of blush tones and sweeping goddess-shaped gowns with drapage aplenty. Unwilling to part entirely from her crystal-encrusted past, many of Liv's late-aught looks feature a smattering of bedazzle action (commence flashback to when she played The Devil in Bedazzled alongside Brendan Fraser). We imagine this styling is perfect for at least one of the many balls and galas that GG's storyline revolves around.


Elizabeth Hurley's gams at the 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' post-premiere in 1994, with Prince Charles at the De Beers/Versace 'Diamonds are Forever' event in 1999, in London in June, 2011.
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After almost two decades in the spotlight, changes are inevitable, but at least one thing has remained consistent and uniquely "Liz" about her style: the sky-high slit. If nothing else of her personal style is infused into this character, we hope and plead and will write to the GG producers now that we know their names that THIS is the thing to keep. Just THINK about how perfectly this would amp up her portrayal of that seductive slightly older vixen in some Mrs. Robinson-esque scene with Chuck Bass!!! We know, we know, we're just stirring the pot, aggrevating our anxieties about the next season of GG, buuuuuut now that we've outfitted the characters, it's only right and fair and just that there is a scene depicting exactly that, RIGHT?? *crosses fingers and squeezes eyes tight enough to block out ill will*

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