Get The Look: Pauly D's Dirty Couture 'Music Is The Mother F****** Answer' Tee

Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio filming on location for "Jersey Shore" in Seaside Heights, New Jersey on July 5, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

So, you think you like music, huh? You may go to shows, you may buy your favorite album on iTunes to support "the industry," and you may even buy merch. But do you REALLY like music? Do you LIVE, BREATHE, and devote your LIFE to drum machines and beating up dirty techno beats? Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D does. Because, duh, he's a DJ. His name even has the word "DJ" in it (riiiiiiiiight?). He's SERIOUS about music, guys. It's, like, his life. He even made a shirt to prove it. For 45 clams, you too can sport a tee that says "Music Is The Mother F****** Answer" scrawled across your chest in drippy, handwritten graffiti-style font from Pauly's clothing line Dirty Couture. This collection is a joint collaboration between him and his friend Pasquale Dipippo for the brand that was established in 1982 (a time that Pauly would've been only two years old... SO PRECOCIOUS! JK JK). Pssssst... Yesterday was Pauly's 31st birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GUY! *affectionate arm slap*

Not only does this shirt prove your undying love for music, but it ALSO proves that you can replace any letter with object like stars or daggers or even sadfaces and it's TOTALLY FINE. Personally, we're giving the side eye to dotting your "I"s with a star, but Pauly D makes it look cool in his double-layered black tank, reflective aviator sunglasses, huge diamond studs, gold diamond watch, and ball necklace thing. (Seriously, what is that? Lacquered Cocoa Pebbles? An homage to rabbit pellets? SOMEONE PLEASE INFORM US.) Regardless, Pauly WERKS this tee with his uh-mazing tan, bright white teeth, and perfectly-gelled hair. Would you swear (heh) by this shirt like Pauly D does?