Hot Dude Of The Day: Kellan Lutz Without Clothes On

Kellan Lutz at the Independence Day Weekend Party in Water Mill, New York, on July 3.
Photo: Getty Images

As a fashion blog, we're supposed to celebrate style and clothing and designers and blahblahblah, but sometimes dudes are SO PAINSTAKINGLY HOT that they just look better in their birthday suits. Designers, don't kill us, but some dudes should be shirtless 24/7. (This is HOT dude of the day, right?) And No. 1 on our list is Twilight's Kellan Lutz.

He was out celebrating Independence Day in a cutesy red, white and blue ensemble, which included a skintight scoop neck striped tee, blue linen pants, a white rope belt, and white flip-flops. While we were all "awwww" about his patriotic outfit, paired with his strawberry blonde curls and baby blues, we couldn't help but notice the fact that his arms are basically BURSTING out of his shirt because his muscles are SO HUGE. His biceps are screaming "FREE MEEEE," and Kellan thankfully listened. He freed those bad boys for ALL to see.

Look at Kellan, just nonchalantly stretching out all of his over-defined muscles in his bare skin during a tennis match. We are trying sooo hard to keep it TOGETHER. First of all, we thoroughly enjoy his upgrade in footwear (flip-flops on dudes—not a good look. Flip-flops on ANYONE outside of a beach/pool/wet environment—not a good look.), but most important, HIS SHIRT IS OFF. We're pretty sure he has zero percent body fat, which basically means we could skateboard on his abs. WE'RE INTO THAT. We're also into the fact that he's willing to throw down a sports duel whenever the moment arises, regardless of what he's doing OR wearing, which, if it were up to us, would be nothing. Always. And not only is he super hot, but he's a supporter of the hotness. He helped beef up his costar Robert Pattinson for the latest Twilight: Breaking Dawn—Part 1 movie. So even when you're ogling RPattz's perfect pecs, you have Kellan to thank.