'Monte Carlo' Costume Designer Spills About Dressing Selena Gomez And Picking The Film's Shoes

A still of a scene from 'Monte Carlo.'
Photo: Courtesy of New Regency Productions

What do you get when you take two parts Gossip Girl, one part beloved pop star, add in a romantic Parisian summer landscape, also royalty, and bake into a summer blockbuster in a Louis Vuitton trunk? The perfect storm for Monte Carlo's fash-glutton's dream-come-true movie wardrobe, of course. You will undoubtedly be taking notes on every sequin, stitch, and bauble leading ladies Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy work in this classically "girls' night" flick. The vortex force of this movie's covetable clothes parade (uhh, I mean, HULLO bird's-eye pan over massive trunk of sparkly heels!! Also, HECK YES to the artificial gleam on the gold T-straps) is enough to induce a catatonic stupor so strong your eyes glaze over from the sensory deluge (in the very best way, of course). And in a film rife with sartorial eye candy, you better believe each and every accessory was agonized over with so much love and attention to detail, including and especially the SHOES. Costume designer Shay Cunliffe talked to WWD about the footwear choices she made for the flick, and she gave a couple of revealing and juicy tidbits.

Selena Gomez in 'Monte Carlo.'
Photo: Courtesy of New Regency Productions

Cunliffe felt it was important to give each character an individual style. Kate Cassidy's character, Emma, is carefree and fun-loving, so along with adventurous bohemian pieces (not unlike Katie's style IRL), Cunliffe outfitted her in "a lot of frivolous, excessively high-heeled choices, very impractical for a traveler" many of which were from shoe retailer Aldo. Leighton Meester's character, Meg, is the conservative, practical older sister, which justified Cunliffe's decision to dress her in easy mix-and-match separates and "[make] sure she traveled in absolutely flat shoes because the most sensible traveler would do that." "Sensible shoes" make a laughingly big departure from UES princess Blair Waldorf AND Leighton's own fash-forward real-life personal style.

In wardrobing Selena, there was the added challenge of dressing two characters: Grace, the tomboy heroine of the film, and the British heiress for whom she's mistaken. Selena's shoe wardrobe ran the gambit from scuffed-up vintage cowboy boots to black patent stiletto Louboutins. The biggest challenge Cunliffe spoke of was "making the shoe stylish and look right for the character, but also [making sure] it works extremely well for the action they have to do in that shoe." For example, in a scene in which Katie Cassidy's character (you know, the one traveling in the impractical monster heels) needed to be running around (cue about a bajillion blisters), rather than outfit her in a pair of shoes she could sprint in, Cunliffe wanted her to stay true to character. "The only resolution for that was [to have her take them off] and go barefoot," Cunliffe says. Which is coincidentally what I always tell myself about 30 minutes into wearing a pair of non-wedge heels.

Katie Cassidy, Selena Gomez, and Leighton Meester in 'Monte Carlo.'
Photo: Courtesy of New Regency Productions

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