Shoe Update: Michelle Williams, Willow Smith, And Diamond At The BET Awards

Michelle Williams, Willow Smith, and Diamond at the BET Awards '11 in Los Angeles, California on June 26, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

It's no secret that this year's BET Awards were a veritable smorgasbord of style, but not NEARLY enough attention/homage/reverance was paid to the SHOES rocked all over this affair. The ladies at this show really turned it out and were diligently on-trend, running the gambit from romantic velvety lattice work to futuristic graphic Lichtenstein-esque heels. Best of all were the well-heeled women bold enough to add a considerable amount of extra weight to their stride with heavy metal hardware details like stone-cold fox Michelle Williams, the satorially spunky Willow Smith, and lady lyricist Diamond.

Let's talk Michelle Williams for a hot second because this whole *'round-the-world index finger* ensemmmmble is, like... die. I'm dead. Don't mind me. I've just been slain by the spot-on styling of this indigo expertly draped BCBG Max Azria frock with it's chainmail faux-slip inset. And paired with these most insane mirrored Giuseppe Zanotti gladiator heels, I can smell my nerve-endings frying from the shock. These shoes are like the battle shoes for a legion of sexy femme-bots. Amen, m'lady. Nice work.

By this point, Willow Smith is expected to own every red (or green as the case may be) carpet she trots down, but these perforated, gold saftey pin laden, knee-high, lace-up (enough adjectives for ya?) combat boots are so earth-shakingly, face-meltingly AWESOME, they almost shut down the shoe game all together. No use trying after that, right? Move along everyone. Nothing to see here. Also, she wore her dad's face on her t-shirt. It should be a punishable crime not to love this girl. Not to be overlooked, Diamond wore a pair of mirrored platforms that could probably line the walls of a pretigious dance studio. And that's this week's Shoe Update. *cue skittish TV news magazine music* *shuffles papers* Good night!


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