Katy Perry Rocks Cat Ears And Red Hair For Purr Fragrance Launch

Katy Perry debuts fragrance 'Purr" in Toronto, Canada on June 30.
Photo: Getty Images

The last time we saw Katy Perry posing for her fragrance "Purr," she was literally down on all fours wearing a pink and purple latex bodysuit, inflatable tail (cue cos-play dudes freaking out. Barf.) and a cat mask, so I guess we're not surprised she's promoting her perfume in some lacy cat ears. In fact, this is straight-up DEMURE compared with her fragrance ads, so we'll let this one slide (unless she starts meowing and pawing things on command). Also, remember when she was selling her "Purr"-fume out of the back of a truck? Yeahhhh. We'll call this a step up. Kitty Purry, er, Katy Perry must be a serious feline fan, though, because her Maison Michel (a Chanel-owned headwear accessories fashion house) cat ears retail for around $540! Katy's ears have a touch of lavender flowers lining her black headband, which matches her sparkly Christian Dior dress and black bow Miu Miu pumps perfectly. But, um, CAN WE TALK ABOUT HER HAIR, PLEASE?

You guys, there is a red hair EPIDEMIC sweeping through Tinseltown! Literally everyone (Emma Stone! Mandy Moore! Rumer Willis! Drew Barrymore!) is ditching their natural 'do for some copper locks. Katy Perry is no different, but her ginger curls were actually sort of an accident. She tweeted that she "didn't get the exact color" she wanted, but she doesn't want to overbleach her hair so she'll be sporting red locks for the next three weeks. So this may be a fleeting fiery hair moment, but we're wondering what her "secret" color is that she's trying to achieve. We're guessing bombshell blonde or cotton candy pink!