Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen's StyleMint T-Shirts Are All $30

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen for StyleMint.
All Photos Courtesy of StyleMint

Full disclosure: I am deeply suspicious of T-shirt "lines" as a whole and was preemptively annoyed at the prospect of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's continued domination of the fashion world byway of something as predictable as an overrated tee collection for their new site, StyleMint. That their hair looks SO particularly shiny and pretty in the campaign photos was also found to be quite irksome.

Turns out, I am a presumptuous hater of clownish proportions.

Because man, oh man, upon closer inspection, I want all of these tees. Except the heather gray, crewneck one that says, "No... is a full sentence" because the ellipsis makes my brain scratchy because wasn't it supposed to be a full sentence? ANYWAY, (I obviously need help) they're great and the best part is that they're all $30 bucks. Whether you get the slouchy three-quarter-length sleeved henley or the V-neck nautical striped one or the tried-and-true, basic white tee, they'll all run you just three sawbucks a piece. And there's something just good for morale about that.

The math feels correct because a beloved tee will be worn as frequently as a breezy top. Plus, a lot of my ire with the ladies has so much to do with the fact that they so unfailingly hit the nail on the head with all of their fashion lines that I am simply filled with brain-bleeding envy. This, however, is a service. They've cannily chosen to move a great many units instead of a massive markup, and while I'm still "daggummit they done did it again!" *fist shake* on some level, I'm definitely going to be doing in a light and airy striped, mushroom and white, StyleMint "Filmore Luxe Wedge" T-shirt because you know the fit will be nice and long on the torso with the sleeves hitting just so. Man, these tow-head twins be geniuses!

{via InStyle}

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