Jimmy Fallon Parodies Justin Bieber's 'Someday' Perfume Ad

Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon.
Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Dree Hemingway as Justin Bieber's "Someday" ad muse is beautiful, delicate and light as an angel, and I love watching them float/prance in the bubblegum pink lining of the Bieb's mind, but can I just say, I really like that Justin can poke fun at himself? When teamed with Jimmy Fallon, whose videos are always filled with viral deliciousness, the teen heartthrob is whispering ominously against a breezy white curtain.

So Justin Bieber released a perfume because no one knows teenage girls like Justin. Of course, this is ripe for parody, and like the good sport he is, he and Fallon have presented a more realistic "Someday" with less floating and Dree and more black and white. Justin breathlessly whispers, "Someday, we'll be together. Someday, I'll be next to you." Then Jimmy comes along, with a dead-on windswept coif, to remind Justin that "Someday... you'll look like this." Clad in a textured leather jacket and matching dog tags (?!), both Fallon and Bieber lament the difficulty of aging, with the older Bieber saying, in a faux whisper, "Your metabolism changes, dude" or "I just got busy." Then, the duo go on to create their "Someday" futuristic fantasy, which is promptly ended by the real Bieber proclaiming he'll shave his head. A shocked Fallon is frightened at a hairless Biebs, and then Justin explains, "Nah, man, I'd never do that." And then our heart started beating again. Check the dream-inducing, atmospheric "Someday" below.