Trending: Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, And Rihanna Work Big Hair

Beyoncé performing at the Glastonbury Festival, June 26, 2011, Gwen Stefani at Cannes Film Festival on May 16, 2011, and Rihanna performing during her Loud tour in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on June 16, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Make no mistake: Sometimes I'm frustrated to be shackled to my arsenal of heated hair wands. I'm a curly girl fiending for the smoothness of a well-ironed strand and have surely spent (or wasted, depending on your point of view) at least a year of my life in front of the mirror perfecting the craft. Really, you should see my biceps. BUT I might be convinced to turn over a new leaf based on the showstopping volumized 'dos that are trending lately à la Beyoncé at Glastonbury earlier this week, Gwen Stefani at Cannes last month, and Rihanna ruling hard on her Loud tour. YUM.

Big hair executed poorly can leave you looking like you sucked your thumb, then stuck it in a light socket. Or like the "Before" girl in a Garnier Fructis commercial. But the megawatt mane is no longer exclusively fodder for disco-era flashbacks and Diana Ross costumes. Wear your curls long and wild like Bey with mad sequins for a boho-glam look. Or follow Gwen and rock a deep side part and pin the front pieces back for a clean but edgy, Jean Harlow-gone-gangster-moll style. OR EVEN boldly sport them short and sweet like RiRi (who is likely wearing a wig, but still)—neon encrusted bra and panties optional. Seriously try it, though. I will, too. The key is to have gumption and just go hard in the paint. It's all about curls with conviction, people. And hoping your arms don't get atrophied and T-Rex feeble from the lack of lifting, parting, straightening and flyaway spraying. Because with your big hair, newly shriveled appendages would look ridiculous. Hilarious, but ridiculous.

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