Why Is Hailee Steinfeld So Sadface In Miu Miu?

Hailee Steinfeld for Miu Miu.
All Photos Courtesy of Miu Miu/Bruce Weber

As we've previously discussed, 14-year-old actress Hailee Steinfeld, is the new face of Miu Miu. The Bruce Weber-shot campaign images have been trickling in all week, and what strikes us is how forlorn she looks throughout. There's something so demure and '40s about the silhouettes, the sparse landscapes, and Lolita-esque hair that makes the whole think appear so crestfallen or lost child bride/stranded war bride in a matter that is genuinely confusing. Like, where the hell is she? And more important, why so sad Hailee? You're wearing such beyooootimous clothes.

Between this and the darling boy who trotted down the Paris Fashion Week menswear runway bawling his cherubic face off, it seems that being fontanel-throbbingly young and really, really sad is all the rage in high fashion circles. That said, we certainly can't find fault with the strong shoulder, soft gathers, knee-length hems, velvet clutches and inwardly curving heels featured herein. Well, other than the teeth-chattering envy that the clothes are on her and not us. Oh, and as a general rule, we're not huge fans of the painted-on Mary Jane steez that Miuccia seems to be obsessed with of late. Even if the schtick is hilaaaaaarious.

{via Fashionista}