We See You Joe Zee! 'Elle' Creative Director Makes Cobra Starship 'Make Me Feel' Cameo

Joe Zee in Cobra Starship's 'Make Me Feel' music video.
Photo: Courtesy of Fueled By Ramen

Cobra Starship's latest music video, "Make Me Feel," dropped yesterday, and while the song is DOPE, we couldn't get past all the uh-mazing cameos in this vid (Robin Williams! Zelda Williams! Our own MTV News editor James Montgomery!). But most notably, our fashion hearts fluttered when Elle magazine's creative director, Joe Zee, makes a hilarious appearance in a photo-booth pic within literally the first 5 seconds of the video. We caught him "feeling fierce" in an adorable ensemble—a double-layered jean and leather varsity jacket combo, which he paired with a skinny tie and killer jazz hands. It seems that varsity jackets were the fashion "it" piece of the video because Cobra Starship's main man Gabe Saporta ALSO sported an adorbs cream and navy jacket!

Gabe Saporta in Cobra Starship's 'Make Me Feel' music video.
Photo: Courtesy of Fueled By Ramen

Gabe went more casual than Joe and paired his jacket with a gray tee, dark denim, red belt, and lavender sunglasses, which we are TOTALLY feeling. Dudes, if you weren't sure whether or not you should rock a varsity jacket this fall, this is your answer: YES AND YES. If you want to dress it up, take a cue from Joe, and if you want to keep it simple go Gabe's route.

Now you're probably thinking, "Joe Zee? Cobra Starship? Whaaa?" Well, let us jog your memory! Remember in season one of The City where Joe Zee wines and dines with Olivia Palermo, Erin Kaplan, and... Cobra Starship?! YEAH. And then that awkward moment happens where Gabe asks Olivia what music she listens to and she says "hip hop" and then he asks her if she likes A Tribe Called Quest and then she just stares back at him blankly? YEAHHHHH. THAT episode.