Who Wore A Bedazzled 3-D Skeleton Better, Ke$ha Or Nicki Minaj?

Ke$ha performing at the Conan Summer Concert Series on June 27, and Nicki Minaj at the American Music Awards in L.A. on Nov. 10
Photo: Courtesy of Meghan Sinclair/Team Coco and Getty Images

Last night when pop icon/glitter goddess Ke$ha kicked off the Conan Summer Concert Series, we could NOT get enough of her amazeballs rhinestone-encrusted structured skeleton bodysuit! She paired her bare-bones bustier with ripped double fishnet tights, lace-up boots, fingerless skeleton gloves, and, of course, bicep glitter and drawn-on dollar signs. But just as we removed our jeweler's loupe from our eyes (you know, the one we keep on a chain expressly for these purposes), we thought this macabre ensemble reminded us of someone else who bared her bones (heh) on the red carpet—Nicki Minaj. Remember, she sported that unforgettable peach and gold 3-D skeleton Manish Arora dress back at the American Music Awards, which really got us thinking—who wore bedazzled-3D-rib-cage-plus-some-ancillary-bones-that-may-or-may-not-be-anatomically-accurate better?

Ke$ha performing at the Conan Summer Concert Series on June 27.
Photo: Courtesy of Meghan Sinclair/Team Coco

Osseously speaking, Nicki's knee-length number could befuddle anatomy professors across the world, while Ke$ha's skeleton is pretty dead on (Sorry. Had to.). Both are gorgeous and Manish Arora is one of our favorites, but for us, the complementary makeup may tip the scale. Nicki mirrored her dress with a pop of Barbie pink lips and lids lined in lime green (which matched her dip-dyed hair), whereas Ke$ha stayed true to her iconic blue lipstick, neon face paint, and BUTTLOADS of glitter sprinkled on her eyelids. Thing we love is that there's something awesomely goth about wearing blue lipstick with a skeleton ensemble, because it SCREAMS walking dead, and we're huge fans of undead zombie homages. No bones about it (ahhahahaha sorreeeeee).