Mirror Images: Smurfette And Snooki Look Alike

Smurfette modeling Louis Vuitton for Harper’s Bazaar, Snooki on set in Italy on May 25, 2011.
Photo: Jeffrey Westerbrook/’Harper’s Bazaar,’ Getty Images

The number of times The Smurfs and Jersey Shore have been mentioned together in the same sentence throughout all of human history to this point can probably be counted on two hands (AT MOST). We know that these little blue forest-dwellers have been around looong before “fist-pumping,” “GTL,” and “fried pickles” became staples in our vocabulary, but we can’t get over how much Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and the new CGI Smurfette from The Smurfs movie look alike. A pint-size girl who wears itsy-bitsy dresses while running the town with a gang of shirtless dudes with similarly saturated skintones? The parallels are eerie. So much so that you’d think we would have put two and two together sooner, but it wasn’t until this Harper’s Bazaar, erm, shoot with Smurfette that we finally made the connection.

For the spread, Smurfette models some of the upcoming fall’s best accessories and struts around in tiny dresses and BIG heels. In knee-high bordeaux patent Louis Vuitton boots, an LV cap similar to the one BeyoncĂ© wore on the cover of W magazine, and toting a snakeskin bag (also Louis), she resembles Little Miss Polizzi hauling her luggage around Italy. And rocking animal print (a Snooki fave), she strikes a coy cross-legged pose nearly mirroring her Jersey girl counterpart/twin separated at birth. While it’s all fine and good that the two look alike, we’re a little concerned with what these similarities mean or hold in store for the future. We don’t know about YOU, but we’re crossing our fingers that this might hint at a new (blue) hue in the next season of Jersey Shore. Pleasepleasepleeeeease! Live action + animation = rolling in the ratings, we promise!!

Smurfette modeling Marc Jacobs for ’Harper’s Bazaar,’ Snooki on set in Italy on May 25, 2011.
Photo: Jeffrey Westerbrook/’Harper’s Bazaar,’ Getty Images

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