Lady Gaga Looks Like Jack Sparrow, Starts New Tumblr

Lady Gaga at the MTV Video Music Aid Japa in Chiba, Japan, on June 25, and Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) from 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.'
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

In the MTV Style office, we often have conversations like this: "Oh look. Lady Gaga did something with her horns," or "Hrm. Did anyone see Lady Gaga's florescent pubic hair?" These are the simple realities of our daily work. However, every now and again, we get clobbered with a double Gaga whammy (her CFDA Awards outfit PLUS the dress she wore with her face on it), and we are sent into a makeup-induced tizzy.

When she was in Japan performing for MTV's Music Aid, the shape-shifter very definitely painted trompe l'oeil eyes on her face, like our favorite roguish pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. Not only does it look like Gaga is constantly boring into our souls with her heavy dose of eyeliner, but the lid became the eye and the eyebrow became lashes and we were very confused/slightly titillated. And for the double-whammy: We saw this in up-close, bra-grabbing detail, on Amen Fashion, Gaga's brand-spanking new Tumblr.

Lady Gaga in Tokyo.
Photo: Courtesy of Lady Gaga's Tumblr

For her new venture, Gaga continues to channel the love of her fans into a social networked-powered "Monster Ball." Though her picture blog is only four posts old, it looks like she mixes video stills with behind-the-scenes glimpses of her daily antics. Quotes and lyrics appear, and since Gaga already has a firm hold in the Tumblr community ("Lady Gaga" as a keyword nets thousands of posts a day), the first posts already have over 5,000 "likes" and "reblogs." Her very first image, of course, was the painted-on peepers that immediately made us think of both Johnny Depp being prepped to be eaten by cannibals or a Saturniid moth. Whichever works for her, we guess. We saw the creative eye routine at the MTV Music Aid Japan event over the weekend, but witnessing the gritty weirdness of having eyes atop eyes has really made the experience much more robust. (If there is any country to trompe l'oeil anime eyes on your lids, Japan is certainly it.)

So now, thanks to the Tumblr, we'll be flooded with plenty more, "Gee. Gaga lit herself on fire and then wore a hat of live, squirming baby squirrels" moments, but, you know, it's a dirty job, but someone has got to blog it.