Jessie J Rocks Broken Leg At Glastonbury Festival, Still Looks Fierce

Jessie J performs at the Glastonbury Festival in Glastonbury, England, on June 25.
Photo: Getty Images

When we spotted British pop star (and fashion icon!) Jessie J performing at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival, we were more than a little impressed with her onstage ensemble, but we noticed something a bit strange—Jessie is sporting a GINORMOUS white boot! From whence did moon boot come? Did she break her leg? She did? And she's still performing? Whoa. Respect. Apparently Jessie J double fractured her left ankle after falling off the stage during a rehearsal (ouch), but you'd never know from her killer smile and seriously fierce aplomb.

At first glance, her Tron-inspired black and white jumpsuit makes our neck veins pulse with envy, but upon closer inspection, her beauty game is even MORE on lock. She rocked her characteristic, angular black bob with purple and gold rhinestones framing her royal purple peepers, which matched her lips in a solid shade of magenta. Her talon-esque gold nails complemented her huge doorknocker necklace and two-finger wing ring PERFECTLY. And we even think it's cute how she wore Wellies on stage just like the muddy crowd. Awww. Our girl deserves that velvet throne—even with a broken ankle she STILL reigns fashion queen.