Attention Aspiring Moguls! Lauren Conrad, 'Forbes' Magazine's Newest Columnist, Spills Her Entrepreneurial Secrets

Lauren Conrad promoting "Sugar and Spice" & "Lauren Conrad Style Guide" in New York City on Oct. 5, 2010.
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No one's doubting that Lauren Conrad is a busy girl. Between a collaboration with Kohl's, her own Paper Crown line, her beauty web community The Beauty Department, and her own, the girl totally has her hands full. Or overflowing. (We envision her daily schedule to be akin to wrangling dozens of unruly wriggling ferrets with ballerina-pink hair bows that just won't stay on no matter how many times you fix their tiny headgear.) On top of ferret, girly, fashion stuff, our girl LC has just taken on another role as the newest columnist for Forbes (P.S. Is being an advice-doling Hillzie becoming a thing?). In LC's introductory column entitled "Meet Lauren Conrad, Inc.", which went live last Thursday, she legitimizes herself for any Forbes regulars raising their eyebrows at a piece written by a girl their teenage daughters watched religiously on The Hills and/or Laguna Beach.

As our readers know, Lauren's a self-made woman who juggles her creative endeavors with keen business sense and a steadfast diligence for maintaining her brand (yes, girl, we totally noticed you wearing Paper Crown on the cover of Lucky). The article is accompanied by behind-the-scenes pictures of LC running her company, complete with organizing color swatches, working it in front of and behind the lens at photo shoots, and promoting her designs the best way she knows how: by actually wearing them. Her advice is sound and forward-thinking: Maybe entertaining reality shows don't demonstrate good business sense, speak to your customer (i.e. the hordes of LC's followers), and stay in touch with your fans! Since we aren't ones to totally rule out the possibility of becoming moguls ourselves, we'll be following Lauren's every update as a business adviser. Hopefully, one day someone will read our sage words of advice online, too.

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