Lulu Frost Makes BRACED-LETS From Orthodontic Materials

Photo: Courtesy of BRACED-LETS

If you've ever had braces, it's undoubtedly an experience you never want to relive. The tightening of wires, the cat's cradle rubber bands strung across your bite, the banishment from delicacies like sweet buttery corn-on-the-cobb and succulent hard candies. *shudders* But few things in this world feel quiiiite as rewarding as finally getting that railroad track unshackled from your teeth to reveal the super-straight pearly whites you had been dreaming about in all your headgear. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

Well, now there's another reason to think fondly on braces: Lulu Frost founder and designer Lisa Salzer paired up with her orthodontist sister, Jennifer Salzer D. D. S., (pause for an "AWWWW" for the sister biz) to make BRACED-LETS. As you might have already gathered from the name, they're bracelets made of orthodontic materials, the very things that tormented you for at least six to 12 months of your childhood/young adult life!

The power bands you would mix and match with the holidays and seasons that used to be the ONLY bright part to a painful chair visit are embellished with multicolored metal brackets and are actually surprisingly really cute in all their layered Silly Bandz/jellies/friendship bracelet-eque mystique. This shouldn't come as a surprise, though, since Lulu Frost is the same label that supplied the accessories for the Whitney Eve Spring 2011 show, has collaborated with J.Crew (whose jewelry, by the way, is consistently on-point as of late), and is a regular celeb favorite. PLUS, on the whole neon/metallic tip these BRACED-LETS are working pretty much screams "Wear me all summer, go to shows, break into gated community pools, use me to tie a messy summer braid, give me to all your friends. Repeat." *pulls bands on, nods slowly*

Jennifer and Lisa Salzer.
Photo: Courtesy of BRACED-LETS

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