Hot Dude Of The Day: Kanye West + Michael Stipe = One Extremely Hot Dude

Kanye West at the Adam Kimmel menswear show and Louis Vuitton menswear show in Paris on June 23.
Photo: Getty Images

Here's the deal. We're not mad at JUST Kanye West or JUST Michael Stipe's looks here, but combined together they are a FORCE to be reckoned with. But wait, first off, let's just talk about the fact that Kanye West and R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe hang OUT. These boys went to TWO fashion shows together (as seen here) during Paris Fashion Week—Adam Kimmel and Louis Vuitton. And while their style/music/lives are WILDLY different, there's something about the combination of the two of them together that makes us weak. Maybe it's Kanye's mega-hot/jerk dude persona mixed with Michael Stipe's approachable/lovable style that really puts us over the edge. Let us dissect.

Kanye's outfit is very...... Kanye. This is his STAPLE, so we're a little underwhelmed that he showed up to Paris Fashion Week in a white tee, leather pants, heavy chains, and a (are those rhinestones?) Dallas Mavericks baseball cap. We DO give him props for those 'dorbs pink Louis Vuitton sneakers, though, mostly because we want them. ANYWHO, where Kanye succeeds is in his, um, looks. He's HOT. Like, no matter what he wears, he's going to werk it with his tatted arms and clean-cut hair. Kanye: Outfit, 0. Hotness, 1.

Now for Michael, this is a COMPLETELY different story. Dude BROUGHT IT to fashion week in his weathered brown leather jacket, blue and white striped shirt, neon green and gray tie, orange-tinted sunglasses, cuffed khakis (with matching hat!), punctured black oxfords, and his bright blue socks. Michael Stipe has officially ousted Kanye West as the Style Mayor of Paris Fashion Week. But when it comes to HIM, like, as a person, he's cool and nice and all but he's doesn't exactly wet our whistle. I mean, calling him "hot" WOULD be kind of weird considering he could be our, um, dad, so we'll just leave that part alone and say this: Michael: Outfit, 1. Hotness, 0.

So, folks, the simple math of Kanye's hotness plus Michael's outfit officially makes them together the SINGLE hottest dude at Paris Fashion Week. Don't you agree?

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