Exclusive Video: Kreayshawn Shows Off Her Amazing Liquid Eyeliner Skills

Cute as freakin' balls. Kreayshawn at MTV.
Photo: Michele Crowe/MTV

Kreayshawn done did it again with yesterday's release of her dramatic, catchy, surprisingly Southern-sounding follow-up to "Gucci Gucci" (think tolling bells, cinematic strings and an urgent, skittering bass line) called "Rich Whores," and the rapper/director double-threat from the Bay continues to break the internet with news of upcoming projects, among them a directing gig for the Red Hot Chili Peppers (!!!).

And while we're well aware that the 21-year-old auteur born Natassia Zolot, displays many talents (she's directed videos for Lil B, DB tha General, writes her own lyrics AND picks her own beats), the thing we can't get over is how PERFECT her liquid eyeliner game is. It's impeccable. Like, freakishly. We, being the ceaselessly competitive know-it-alls that we are, decided then and there to challenge her to a liquid liner showdown. Since we selected her brand, and since she has an aptly titled upcoming song, we made her take the handicap of doing the left eye (she's right-handed) and MTV Style did the right. Peep the video gigglefest after the jump.

You're going to have to watch the video for who won, but here are a couple of beauty tips from Kreayshawn herself:

1. Brand of choice? Wet 'N Wild. Super reasonable and not for "basic bishes" at $1.99.

2. Use even, long strokes not short spazzy ones and go slow while letting the liner dry.

3. Go on and give yourself a little "swoosh" at the end for flair.

4. After a swoosh, go NUTS and pain in a tear or two. Especially if you want to look "hard."

Kreayshawn at MTV.
Photo: Michele Crowe/MTV