Hot Dude Of The Day: Max Irons And His Boo Emily Browning Play Matchy-Poo

Max Irons and Emily Browning at the amfAR Gala in Paris, June 23, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Well, isn't THIS adorable. Red Riding Hood star Max Irons and Sucker Punch cutie Emily Browning couldn't keep their hands off each other at the amfAR gala in Paris yesterday, and we LIKE IT. There's nothing hotter than a dude who's proud of his S.O., and he even gave her the *gasp* FOREHEAD KISS. AWWWWW. (Cue everyone NOT into PDA barfing right now.) This reminds us of our young and in love days where we'd completely stop hanging out with our family and friends because we were SOOOO into our new boyfriend. (Er, maybe that was just us.) And Max Irons is a cuuu-taaayy, so we don't blame Emily at ALL.

We wouldn't even be mad if they fused together into giant entity of cuteness, but we ARE kinda mad at the fact that short girls ALWAYS GET THE TALL DUDES. What's up with that?! In our tall girl rage, we immediately scoured their IMDb profiles like crazed lunatics only to find that Max is 6'2" and Emily is only 5'2"!!!! A WHOLE FOOT APART?! COME ONNNNN. Is this a joke? Every girl that's 5'7" and above is crying right now. We might actually be real-life mad if Emily wasn't such a little pocket full of sunshine, so we'll forgive her, but, HELLO. We're missing the most obvious/amazing part of these couple-y photos: Their matching ensembles!

Max Irons wore a slimming single-button tux with simple black oxfords and a bow tie, and Emily complemented his outfit with a '60s-inspired gray Louis Vuitton romper with a white Peter Pan collar, thigh-high sheer stockings, patent leather bow pumps, and a gold tassel clutch. Not only did they amazingly match their black and white ensembles, but they also mastered the perfectly disheveled hair, smoldering stares, and 'dorbs couple poses. OH TO BE YOUNG AND IN LOVE! (And extremely well-dressed.)