Blogger Looks We Love: United Kingdom Edition!

Fashion blogger Karin Kirsten.
Photo: Courtesy of the blog Wunderlust

Look, guys. This week we’ve decided not to focus on one particular fashion trend that bloggers wear well, but instead bloggers that tend to wear EVERYTHING well. In our massive weekly scouring of blogs, we somehow always end up obsessed with at LEAST one lovely lady from the UK, so we figured we should dedicate an entire post to their awe-inspiring fashion. Like, look at the photo above. No, that isn’t from a magazine. No, she wasn’t professionally styled. That’s just a NORMAL BLOGGER girl hanging out in the vast English countryside with nothing but a camera, some nice threads, and a wild imagination. Jealous? Yeah, us too. Bloggers of the world, take note.

Fashion blogger Karin Kirsten.
Photo: Courtesy of the blog Wunderlust

Meet Karin Kirsten. Karin Kristen. Her blog, called Wunderlust, is a twee Alice and Wonderland adventure with Karin and her equally adorable friends. Her outfits are typically romantic and flowy dresses paired with gorgeous flower headpieces she makes herself (along with uh-mazing skirts!) Go here if you want some daily fashion inspiration mixed with fantastic photography and art direction. Karin is also MAD talented in the prop department, which officially makes her good at EVERYTHING. Siigghhh.

Fashion blogger Mulika Ojikutu.
Photo: Courtesy of the blog My Capacious Bottega

Oh my gahhhh. We ADORE Mulika Ojikutu of My Capacious Bottega! It was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to pick just two looks we loved from her blog because it’s FILLED with page after page of inspiring ensembles. She rocks everything from harem pants to floral maxis to capelets and does it sososo well. Her staples (which we’re totally into) are bright turbans, platform shoes, and bold prints. We’ve never even seen her repeat an outfit (or maybe she mixes and matches so well, we didn’t even notice!), so plan on seeing fresh material every time you visit her blog. (P.S.—She also posts shoots that she styles. They’re MEGA inspiring.)

Fashion blogger Katie Reed.
Photo: Courtesy of the blog Lock, Stock And Style

Katie Reed of Lock, Stock, and Style is one of those effortlessly cool girls you’d share a dorm room with in college and be aalllwayyys jealous of her perfect hair and flawless skin. Her beauty game is REALLY stellar, and her clothes are equally crisp and refreshing. She usually sticks to bright solids with interesting silhouettes (think cutout dresses and pleated chiffon midi skirts), and has a knack for spotting good accessories. Her other true passion (besides fashion, of course) is interior design, so plan of stealing her some decorating ideas while you peruse her site!

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