Lady Gaga Meets Karl Lagerfeld, Impromptu iPad Photo Session Ensues

Lady Gaga and Karl Lagerfeld meet over a white gold iPad.
Photo: Courtesy of cafaitdubuzznet YouTube channel

A Lady Gaga sighting is a big deal. A Karl Lagerfeld sighting is a big deal. But the two of them together is such a massive situation it is actually unbelievable that the ground didn't split open and swallow both of them simply for daring to trek on its surface near each other at similar moments in time.

Instead of doing a fashion breakdown, I would just like to point out the real things that are going on because this actually occurred in a reality that we all share. Most of them, however, are concerning Gaga's bra.

First, Lady Gaga is just perfectly relaxed speaking French with Karl. Like it ain't no thing. She can complain all she wants about how restrictive her upbringing is, but that is massively impressive. Sure, when Bradley Cooper does it it's cool, but Gaga SINGS and DANCES and PLAYS PIANO. That's too many things to be good at in one brain.

Secondly, WHAT is she wearing? She is just in her underwear, while the King of Skinny sits next to her, thinking she is great. Lady Gaga isn't waifish like Lagerfeld's clique, but she simply does not care if her tummy is out, because she may be the only person in the world more assertive than K Lag. Speaking of simply doing your thing, she's got a pair of door knockers dangling from her bobbed head like a good New Yorker should. But they have the Chanel logo! Which means she is being self-referential. To Karl Lagerfeld. To your dome.

We also have both of them rocking the fingerless gloves—which is no surprise for Karl but it would be important to note that Gaga's red nails peek out hers. Which you can see when Lagerfeld pulls out his GOLD IPAD to take an impromptu shoot of Gaga. And as if this scene wasn't literally exploding your mind enough, Gaga takes too the iPad photo sesh like a pro, climbing on the table and mugging like only she can. And then, like he has a million of them back in Lagerfeld Land, it appears that Karl just gives her the gold-plated Apple product like it ain't no thang. Which it is. Because these are two people who would actually liquefy me should I ever get caught in an elevator with one of them (which I wouldn't, because they sprout wings and flutter whenever they need to be lifted off of the ground floor).

{via Styleite}