MTV Buzzworthy Takes Justin Bieber's Someday Perfume To The Streets

MTV's Tamar Anitai in Times Square.
Photo: MTV

We know what's been on your mind/holding you back/hanging over your head/clouding your judgement/taking over your life ever since May 20, 2011—what EXACTLY does Justin Bieber's new Someday perfume actually smell like? And, more important, will I like it enough to buy it? Well, luckily, our own MTV Buzzworthy blog editor Tamar Anitai pulled some strings and got THE honest-to-god Someday perfume in her little hands. So, what's the first thing she did? Took it to the streets for testing, obvi! Tamar asked strangers in Times Square what they thought about the perfume WITHOUT letting them know it was made by the Biebs. Do you think these strangers passed the smell test? See what they had to say!