Happy 1st Birthday To Us! Our GIF To You: 5 Favorite Posts As Animations

Our ecstatic birthday meows.
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Once upon a time, MTV said, "Let there be light!" And by light, they meant strobes, with sequins, and in soft focus as to not show any of our frown lines. So we were birthed, naked and squirming, on to the infinitely warm cyberspace. One year later, we have shed our infant skins and have become toddlers, teetering our way on slightly precarious platforms through the internet.

In short, today is our birthday. The big oh one. So much has happened in our mere 365 days: We found out we were "Born This Way." We watched JWOWW go from Jersey to red carpet-ready... Jersey-style. We gasped in both excitement and fear when Emma Watson cut her hair (like most major changes, we've adjusted, and have grown to love it).

Because we are not one to revel in our own glory (our small, trembling lumps of glory), we've decided to give back to you, our reader. So we've made you some birthday gifs. But, MTV Style, you say, we thought you were writers? Where is the "T" in that previous sentence? Nope. Birthday gifs. In which we take our favorite stories since our inception and retell them in a single, perhaps jarring, gif form. And then, for kicks we have a couple of factoids to share with you to prove how much we've grown. (The answer to that: a lot.)

Soon, we'll be potty-trained and able to sit at the big kids table. But for now, we'll keep you up to date on the coolest fashion news PON DE WEB (which is, we like to think, what we do best).


Kristen Stewart at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.
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For the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, we trooped to sunny California to be dazzled (almost to the point of blinded, really) by Tinseltown's sequins and beading. Lovely starlets' dresses were on full blast, and we'd thought Kristen Stewart had followed suit. Little did we know, her glinting accents was not your run-of-the-mill bugle bead but safety pins. And not just any safety pins but BALMAIN SAFETY PINS.


Kanye West at Coachella 2011, Celine S/S 2011 Show.
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Coachella was rife with the sort of festival wear that we're long used to seeing. There was jorts galore and the requisite fringe accessories and slouchy boots, but when the ever-adventurous Kanye West showed up dipped in an elegant women's Celine top, the press went berserk. We, of course, neglected to bat a single eyelash and proceeded to dream up all the ladyshirt possibilities for the occasionally cross-dressing recording artist. Marni and Hussein Chalayan made the cut. Obvi.


"Who Runs The World?" Hyenas.
Photos: Courtesy of Columbia Records

On the day that Beyoncé's amazingly syncopated homage to girl power and couture, "Run The World (Girls)" hit, we couldn't believe we were lucky enough to get the stylist, Ty Hunter, for an exclusive interview. We swooned and gagged while discussing Brian Lichtenberg leggings, Gareth Pugh mirrored bodices, and how all the models were wearing Alexander McQueen from Bey's own archive. We died at the heady notion of just picturing the girl's closet.


Willow Smith performing in Manchester, M. Bison from 'Street Fighter'
Photos: Getty Images and Capcom

Some of the most crucial stuff that we know as a species was found by mere chance. Uses for penicillin, microwaves, superglue, THE FACT THAT WILLOW SMITH DRESSES LIKE M. BISON. We remember that fateful afternoon well. The AC was on full blast, and our fingers were weary, but good weary, from a long day of typing and as we scoured the feeds hopefully for new fashobservations, we landed upon this gem. Willow Smith rocking the same silhouette, color scheme, and epaulets as that Street Fighter baddie M. Bison. T'was a good day.


Lady Gaga at the 2010 Video Music Awards, a tasty beef treat.
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It's hard to imagine it's almost been a year until we consider that it's just about VMA time. Again. *Rubs eyes*. And our totter down memory lane would not be complete without the mention of Lady Gaga's FAMED Franc Fernandez meat dress and the sleuth tactics required (courtesy of former MTV Style editor Sharon Clott) to hunt him down and snatch the first-ever interview for "Everything You Want To Know About Lady Gaga's Meat Dress." It broke the internet, no big deal.


• The amount of times we use the word "AMIRITE" on the blog: 7. Not enough, AMIRITE? (Zing! Make that 8!)

• We used the word "glitter" in a whopping 119 posts. And of those posts, 35 involved Ke$ha!

• Number of MTV Style staff members last year on this very day: 2. Today: 5.

• Amount of times we mention "Jared Leto" vs. the amount of times we mention "Rain"—34:9. Our heart clearly belongs to Jared.

• Posts including the small furry wizards that we call cats: 31

• A surprising 5 posts include the word "dildo." Of those 5 posts, 4 also include "Lady Gaga."

• Number of Snuggies currently residing on our desks: 4.

• Amount of times we use the acronyms "OMG:" 56. "ZOMG:" 24. And "OMFG:" Only 1!