Hot Dude Of The Day: Meet Your New Romeo, Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth at Wimbledon in London on June 20.
Photo: Getty Images

It's not often that we can say this, so we're TOTALLY squeezing everything we can out of this opportunity: HELLLLLOOO, ROOOMMEEOO. In case you don't know, Douglas Booth, the LOVELY and GLORIOUS man baby (what? He's 19. Legal, but still VERY much a child) pictured above, has been cast as Romeo in the upcoming Romeo and Juliet film opposite (gasp!) HAILEE STEINFELD. We die. But seriously, our brains might explode from the thought of these young stye icons coming together onscreen. And GOD, think of all the red carpet events they'll be doing together. Eeeee!

But anywho, let's get back to one thing here: Douglas Booth is a cuuuuttte-tay! And, as one of our coworkers put it, "He's like a cross between Robert Pattinson and Justin Bieber." SO. TRUE. He's got the side-swoopiness and look-at-me swagger of the Biebs, but just a hiiinntt of disheveled mystery like RPattz. Plus, he's British. And he looks sooo adorbs in his emerald green blazer, white tee, and black pants ensemble he wore to Wimbledon yesterday! Green for a tennis match? Sooo appropriate. I think this calls for more eye candy!

Douglas Booth at the Burberry Prorsum show on Feb. 21, at a 'Shrek' press night on June 14, and Royal Academy of Arts party on June 2 in London.
Photo: Getty Images

Ah, OK. Here we are. At a glance, it's quite obvious that Mr. Booth is leaning toward (heh, sorry, we had to) his black skinny jeans and black boots as a staple, which we're not mad at. At a Burberry show he rocked a popped collar trench and graphic tee (does this boy love fashion or WHAT?); at a Shrek press night he did a simple chambray button-up; and at a Royal Academy of Arts party he looked city chic in a tweed blazer, white tee, and aviators. We also love how these series of photos is a mini beard evolution (we vote facial scruff!), and we can't WAIT to see what Doug, Dougie, Boo, whatever he lets us call him, is going to wear next!