Cover Girl: Ginny Weasley AKA Bonnie Wright Is One 'Haute Muse'

Bonnie Wright on the July 2011 issue of 'Haute Muse,' and at the 'Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban' premiere on May 23, 2004, in New York.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Haute Muse'

Imagine, if you would, having your entire adolescence splayed across quite literally millions of movie screens worldwide. Your awkward growth spurts. That weird part in your hair that you tried to work until someone showed you a bad picture of yourself. The fact that your skin could often be many colors at one time. Add to that, you are also suddenly the (second) most hated female on the planet (the first might be Kristen Stewart...but also loved! Loved and hated, simultaneously, in waves of scrambled hormones). Not only do you get to swap spit with everyone's favorite wizard...but (Harry Potter spoiler alert ahead...)

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Bonnie Wright, aka Ginny Weasley, whose first major role consisted of being awkward, young, and—like us—totally smitten with Harry Potter. But if the Potter franchise has left anything in its wake (like soul-shivering movies and so many tears that I hiccup thinking about it), it is also a legacy of thoughtful, well-heeled young thespians, like Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe. But move over, Hermione, we have a new girl-crush.

So Ginny Weasly is pretty rad. Not only does she get the dude and give Harry a real run for his money in the badass department, but she ends up being a confident witch with a real knack for jinxes. The real Ginny, it appears, ain't half bad either. Aside from having that redheaded peaches and cream complexion, she has been quietly killing it on the red carpet—maybe thanks to her close relationship with Emma. Nothing over the top, but a nicely edited collection of mature, comfortable looks, paired with her demure style and stick-straight hair (she hasn't lopped her signature locks off yet). ALSO, a little bit of G. Weas triv: She is engaged to Twilight hunk (and Harry Potter player, too) Jamie Campbell Bower (he is one of the Volturi). And JCB is, we do not kid, a beautiful, beautiful man who reminds us of early Dior Hedi Slimane. Those eyes. That strong forehead. We bet they just smolder together.

But for the cover of Middle Eastern fashion tome Haute Muse, Bonnie went more Belletrix than Molly Weasley, with vampy lips and dark, dramatic eyes. A swirl of black lace makes up her shoulders, and gone are the girlish freckles. We suddenly remembered that poor little waif that first appeared in the limelight more than seven years ago, and how coltish and baby-faced she looked (see earlier laments of having your adolescence documented).

Hey, the Potter movies get darker as they get older. Who knew we could say the same thing about the stars, as well. Nicely done.

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