Robyn Talks Rye Rye, Fancy Underwear, And Custom Timberlands At JetBlue Lounge

Robyn at the JFK Terminal/JetBlue Lounge.
Photo: Courtesy of Ms. Fitz Styling

After we had seventeen consecutive freak outs over the video collaboration between Rye Rye and Robyn for the slow jam "Never Will Be Mine", we went on a hunt. Where did these genius street looks come from? Why are Robyn's Alexander McQueen leggings always mindblowing? And most importantly, where can we get Rye Rye's cut-out shirt with eyeballs emblazoned on the front? (Without it, we grow weak...)

When Robyn performed at the JetBlue Lounge on June 20th at JFK Airport (fresh off her tour with Katy Perry), we had to ask her about the looks. But Robyn has been on the road for over a year, meaning the Swede known for killer stage style has been forced to get, er, creative with her looks. In fact, the outfit she wore (complete with her signature platform Timberlands) inspired a slight sense of déjà vu. Which is fine, because it is the best déjà vu ever, filled with koi pants and snake prints and delicate Swedish pixie cuts. We caught up with her to talk fashion-shop.

Robyn at the JFK Terminal, playing at Sasquatch Festival in Washington, snake print leggings by Alexander McQueen.
Photo: Getty Images and Alexander McQueen

First of all, we noticed the great McQueen leggings (she has two pairs, the Black Floral version that she rocked in the Rye Rye video) and the Koi Print she had on during our meeting. Also appearing both on video and stage was the same form-fitting vintage '90s shirt. The recycling of looks, says Robyn, was out of total necessity:

Style: Your most recent video with Rye Rye. We die. How did you choose the looks from the video... and it looks vaguely familiar to, erm, what we see you in today!

Robyn: What I'm wearing in the video is kind of like my "tour wardrobe." I've been here, touring, for about a year. We just bring a huge wardrobe and I just kind of buy stuff and get stuff. Stylists and friends kind of "hook the wardrobe up"! In the video, it was just whatever we were feeling that day.

Style: It's very Robyn. Speaking of very Robyn, how does one get a pair of PLATFORM TIMBERLANDS.

Robyn: You just go to a good shoe repair! You just tell them to stack them and make them better! (Style note: The mind behind these killer kicks is Robyn's choreographer, Maria "Decida" Wahlberg.)

Style: So, we just caught you performing at an airport. Are you ever tired of traveling? Can you give us a killer tip for staying funky fresh on the road?

Robyn: I buy expensive underwear. That's my trick. Then it doesn't matter what you wear! Bus life can take over your look, which happens. Bus style is probably the most horrible look in the world. You end up looking like a surfer in sweats and flip-flops. But if you have good underwear, then you are fine.

(Lastly, as a special treat, Rye Rye's stylist Hoza let us know that the great, color-oriented gear that the rapper wore came from a bunch of our favorite brands, like Ksubi pants, Robert Clergerie shoes and a heaping helping of Fallon (of Fenton Fallon) jewelry. Oh, and two killer Mara Hoffman looks: the blue/green dress from her Resort 2011 collection, and the killer pink top from Spring 2011.)