Marilyn Monroe's 'Seven Year Itch' Dress Sells For $5.6 Million

Marilyn Monroe filming 'The Seven Year Itch' in New York on Sept. 15, 1954.
Photo: Getty Images

Let's think of the great dresses of all time: You've got the LBD from Breakfast At Tiffany's. There is the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. Or the Bob Mackie number Cher wore at the Grammys. We'll even give Gaga's meat dress a place in the historic annals of dresses-we-shall-not-forget. Up there, if not topping the list, is the white dress with the massively plunging neckline that Marilyn Monroe donned during the *air quotes* scene in "Seven Year Itch." You know the *air quotes* scene...the air grate moment where Mar is standing above a subway air vent on Lexington with her dress blowing through the wind, which is supposed to stand in for the "itch" that the married Tom Ewell gets in his monogamous marriage (especially when he has a neighbor that looks like the Blonde Bombshell). It is the ultimate symbol of temptation, flirtation, and all of the reasons that gentlemen do indeed prefer girls with that particular shade of hair.

Which is why--no surprise--over the weekend, the dress sold for a whopping $5.2 million price tag from actress Debbie Reynolds' personal collection. Hey, even in a recession, a dress like this is worth the seven-year itch it may inspire.

{Via CNN}