Hot Dude Of The Day: 'Teen Wolf' Star Colton Haynes In 'Bullett Magazine'

Colton Haynes in the July 2011 issue of 'Bullett' magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of Bullett magazine

Yes, there is no doubt that us at MTV are jumping onto the supernatural bandwagon. To be quite honest, that is a delicious bandwagon, and we have no shame to be a part of the hyper-sexual, totally thrilling spooky werewolf club. What is so particularly invigorating about girls and monsters? One word, my pets: brooding. And when you have the full moon waiting for you, you've got not much else to do than brood.

At first, Teen Wolf seemed like another Twilight-esque venture. Except when, in a work-drunk haze, we watched the first episode thrice in a row (it premiered after the Movie Awards, which was viewed several times to make sure we didn't miss a dern thing), and we realized: Wait--this is pretty gold. This guy turns in to a werewolf just when high school is at its most awkward and suddenly, he is a werewolf who is responsible for giving guff to our man (and a formal model) Colton. Which is great... except, well, look at Colton. There is really nothing left to do but melt by the intense one-liners, the smoldering rivalry, and all that body hair--and become a puddle of lupine goo.

Rumor check: Colton was up for the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight. That's totally true, but the vampire/lycanthropy rivalry between him and Robert Pattinson is no Edward or Jacob. Colton was glad to not get the role.

Because, F.Y.I, vampires cannot be werewolves, and while Colton is not a werewolf, he is certainly a slayer. Hey, modeling is natural to him, and his nerd-cool, hyper-chiseled cheeks, and complexion of a succulent fruit could take a pasty vampire any day. But that doesn't meant he doesn't look at us with the overwrought yearning we crave, with eyes that say only WE can take away the pain of wolfish curse he is forced to deal with (hint: He's not the Teen Wolf, but that's OK). The slicked-back hair is just a delicious treat for us to look at when we are done gazing into his eyes. Which will be, very, factually, never.

P.S. Colton says that no one is safe on a supernatural show. Well, we sure hope.

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