Christian Louboutin's Fall 2011 Lookbook

Francisco de Zurbaran's 'Santa Dorotea' serves the '8 Mignon' sandal, 'The Artist's Mother' by James McNeill Whistler hold the 'Tootsie' boot.
Photo: Courtesy of Peter Lipmann

All right, art history majors. WHO WANTS TO GEEK OUT?! *raises hand* OK, it seems like the famous shoe fashion house Christian Louboutin decided to literally make their handcrafted red-soled shoes into historic works of art! They released their Autumn/Winter 2011 lookbook FILLED with their latest pumps painted into famous art pieces, and we are fuh-reakkinggg out at the pure amazingness of these photos. Er, paintings? Er, Photoshop masterpieces? Whatevs, either way, these shoes deserve to be WORSHIPED. Like, these bad boys need to be kept in glass cases at ALL TIMES when not in use. Which is only fitting that they ended up in some of the greatest works of our time, yes?

Check out the little lady in the red dress. Look familiar? This is probabbblly something you might remember from your textbook (unless you didn't do your homework. BAD STUDENT. BAD.), but it's a knockoff of 17th-century artists Francisco de Zurbaran's "Santa Dorotea" painting. In this version, though, her lovely fruit basket is adorned with (gasp!) THE 8 Mignon sandal, which retails for a steep $1,195. BUT THERE'S GLITTER ON THE INSOLE, YOU GUYS. There's nothing that adds a little extra pep in your step like a little sparkle in your strappy pumps.

The next image is KIND OF REALLY FAMOUS. "Whistler's Mother," which is ACTUALLY titled "Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist's Mother" by James McNeill Whistler, is nicely accented by the glamorous Tootsie bootie. This shoe up close though—WHOA. Make sure you're sitting down, people, because it's crazy. These Loubs have laser-cut leather accented with snakeskin, studs, AND fur. We're not sure WHERE the Whistler's mother would wear these boots because they seem, um, a tad impractical for her time period, but we're just not gonna question it. Who knows, maybe some surprises lie beneath that black dress of hers!

Francois Clouet's 'Elizabeth of Austria' places a 'Catalina' clutch and a spiked 'Pigalili' pump on her lap.
Photo: Courtesy of Peter Lipmann

OK, this "Elizabeth of Austria" replica is AWESOME because it highlights one of our favorite Loubs of all time—the *deep breath* Pigalilli pump. It's perfect for Elizabeth because it's gorgeous, ornate, and STRONG. Like, back in the day, that thing would certainly be a weapon, and we wouldn't put it past Ms. Elizabeth to get double use out of her gorgeous shoes.