This Exists: Happy Hour Nails Make Us Happy (Not Hungover)

Scented nail polish from Mattése Elite.
Photo: Courtesy of Mattése Elite

Friday afternoons. Nothing better than smelling vaguely of a beachside bar every time you make any sort of hand gesture. People may already be suspecting you knocked back a few, but fortunately you have your nail polish to blame for the boozy smell. For the Happy Hour collection, Mattése Elite presents six neon shades that come with an over-21 scent meant to waft off of your freshly painted fingertips. While the inclination to have our paws soaked in cocktail-like scents has never really struck us, the $6 collection actually features a group of youthful, summery shades that we wouldn’t mind trying. And while the drinks themselves might be too sugary for human consumption, the sweetness of the shades has already got us choosing out our favorites.

While Tequila Sunrises, in practice, are headache inducing, the metallic burnt orange color is certainly more pleasing than its syrupy alcoholic component. The pastel green Apple Martini is perfect for weekends—sipping real martinis or not—and continues to prove that the best shades for the summer are eye-glazingly bright. The bubblegum-like Shirley Temple color is reminiscent of a nail polish we would have freaked out over in the era of stick-on earrings, but the opaque color seems more retro than overtly girlish. And, we bet you can mix and match—something DEFINITELY not recommended for the polishes' beverage counterparts.

Would you try a boozy polish if the shades were cute? Let us know below!

{Via Refinery29}

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