AnnaLynne McCord Is Now A Brunette! Is This The End Of Her Kissy Pose On The Red Carpet?

AnnaLynne McCord debuts new hair at the Artists for Peace and Justice launch in Beverly Hills on June 15, and at the CW Upfront on May 19.
Photo: Getty Images

Hair color change alert! (We actually have those around the office.) AnnaLynne McCord is a brunette! This 90210 star ditched her light locks for a darker 'do, and we're liking her dramatic turn. She looks so mature and SERIOUS, as if she was finally turning up the heat on her *air quotes* artistry. Imagine her cast in a dark, psychotic thriller as the witchy "other woman." Or even the twee love interest of a geeky dude in an indie flick. Or as a protagonist in a coming-of-age drama about a woman on the pursuit of "finding herself." She's a serious actress now, you guys. In fact, AnnyLynne has been a brunette for almost a whole day, and you know what? Something magical has happened. There isn't a SINGLE PHOTO of her doing her signature kissyface pose. What? YOU'VE NEVER SEEN IT? Oh, right this way please.

AnnaLynne kisses her blonde hair GOODBYE for darker locks!
Photo: Getty Images

SEE? Girl LOVES her kissy face! No matter what time of day, where she may be heading, or what's she's wearing, she ALWAYS manages to pull out this pose. We can't imagine AnnaLynne doing this move on the red carpet now that she's gone all DARK and MYSTERIOUS. Plus, is it just us or is her skin tone a shade paler than normal? We like the new, less tan Ann! Also, her darker, more prominent eyebrows are FIERCE. Do you think her new 'do will make her more seriouzzzz about life and she'll never do kissy face poses EVER AGAIN? If it's true, let us say goodbye (possibly) to an amazing era of red carpet fun.