Rihanna Shoe Designer Max Kibardin Talks Versace Influences

Rihanna's Max Kibardin shoes for her 'Loud' tour.
Photo: Courtesy of PR Consulting/Max Kibardin

Bright colors in the summer certainly isn't groundbreaking, but Lil' Miss Rihanna may be directly responsible for turning this one into a hypercolored, multichromatic smorgasbord of neon. And to that, we give props. For her Loud tour that kicked off early in June, Rihanna had to up the already flamboyant quotient, and for her footwear she tapped shoewear designer Max Kibardin, who has already made his musical imprint with the mind-blowing, actually functional guitar shoe. For her candy-coated, Swarovski-studded look, Max told us, "The inspiration was Cindy Crawford dressed in a vinyl trench from an old advertising campaign of Gianni Versace. (Stylist) Mel Ottenburg wanted to convey the same punk rock feeling, which I gave to a part of my summer collection." (Note: '90s Versace is really having a moment right now.) Of course, Max didn't want to just make a hot shoe: "The most important thing for me was designing shoes that Rihanna likes." With a chunky heel, patent leather and the most eye-catching colorblocking we've seen in this decade, how can Ms. Loud not want to wear these to every one of her shows?