Hot Dude Of The Deceased: Today Would Have Been Tupac's 40th Birthday :(

Tupac Shakur in 1993 and at the 'I Like It Like That' premiere on Nov. 13, 1994.
Photo: Getty Images

Today would have been Tupac Amaru Shakur's 40th birthday, and while we respect his sizable contribution to the rap canon, we here at MTV Style believe it's most important to remember that dude was a babe. And that he frequently wore clothes of the '90s-awesome variety. In fact, his style was so iconic—from his overalls + rugby stripes, to his denim-on-denim Canadian tuxedos, to his allover camo, and his three-piece suits—that instead of picking just one moment, we've dedicated an entire gallery to his sartorial evolution. Like, his doo-rag was so recognizable that were you to draw the outline of his head in Hitchcockian fashion, you would immediately know who it belonged to, you know?

Not only did he up the ante lyrically—and help put the West Coast on the map during a time the region was rife with tension—but 'Pac also really was a revolutionary. Musically. And also, with his shirt off. In fact, Tupac was one of the first rappers to walk around showing his perfectly sculpted chest and the tattoo game. And we might even venture to say, maybe, no one has done it as well since. He was one of the first rappers to really be shown smiling. Just look at the image on the top right, not only is he smizing (good lord, look at those eyelashes) but he is also wearing what appears to be a pinstriped jacket and vest IN A PILE FABRIC. Thanks to him, we now have a soft spot for dudes with pierced noses, and that ISN'T good.

(PS: Can we mention that, no matter when we hear it, "Changes" always seems relevant and meaningful? And that "Dear Mama" makes us cry on the subway. But real subtle-like, no psycho bawling.)

(PPS: SomethingsomethingTHUG LIFE.)

Tupac Shakur in 1994 and 1990.
Photo: Getty Images