Lady Gaga's Love Affair With Versace

Lady Gaga performs during the 2011 Europride in Rome on June 11, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

There is this thing that is quietly happening (or has been since Tavi The Style Rookie went all grunge and Alexander Wang crushed some velvet and paraded out platforms) that MTV Style cannot be more happy about. It appears that the collective world at large has gone back over their old In Living Color tapes or reminisced about House Of Style and has reached this massive no-duh conclusion: The early '90s were mind-splayingly rad. With the clashing primary colors and Benetton prints and baby-faced Linda Evangelista in Unzipped there was unbridled enthusiasm and a sort of disregard for mores and FASH-rules, which sounds very much like the zeitgeist being heralded by our girl Gaga. So to hear that the Lady, between playing a keytar made of hair on X-Factor France and continuing to don her aqua-hued 'do, has gotten her monster claws into the Versace archives is certainly happy-making, because it is clearly the best and most natural next step.

Lady Gaga in Paris on June 13, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

According to the German TV program Vox and Bild, Lady Gaga has confessed to having a "love affair with Donatella," and has received access to items that haven't been touched since before Gianni died. She says she is "obsessed" with his graphic printed silks and haute couture (a piece of which she wore to Europride above, which Gaga Fashionland IDs as being from '92).

Lady Gaga supporting young, emerging artists is one of the most fantastic things about her, and her X-Factor hair-fit certainly wasn't a part of Gianni's vision. But let's not play: If Donatella Versace blessed you with her wand-like pink frosted nails and allowed you to raid one of the most encapsulating archives of all time, you'd roll up your oversize sleeves and get down to color-blocking business. A vintage Gaga is as exciting as the one made of materials that won't biodegrade until the early 23rd century.

{Via Red Carpet Fashion Awards}