Ke$ha's Blue Hair, Olivia Palermo's Gams, And Jennifer Hudson's A-Game At The amfAR Gala

Ke$ha, Olivia Palermo, and Jennifer Hudson at the 2nd Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala in New York on June 14.
Photo: Getty Images

So basically errrerybody (from Courtney Love to Liza Minnelli to James Franco) came out for last night's annual amfAR Inspiration Gala, which is a stylish shindig/fashion show thrown every year to raise money for AIDS research, which is a good thing. But a great thing includes our FAVE off-runway looks presented by our girls Ke$ha, Olivia Palermo, and Jennifer Hudson.

When Ke$ha walked the red carpet, we weren't sure which shocked us more—the oddly adult frontless Abed Mahfouz black gown, the bright blue hue weaved into her side pony, OR her silver hand cage/bracelet hybrid thang, which engulfed her entire left hand. So we called it a draw and decided the most shocking thing was how solid the whole ensemble looked together. Ke$ha has been known to look like a child's finger painting before, but her streak is pulled off with finesse and an odd amount of refinery. (Is she finally an "old blue hair"?)

Ke$ha at the 2nd Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala in New York on June 14.
Photo: Getty Images

Exhibit two in the maturing of Kesh: Her hair and makeup are GORGE. And she's even fearless enough to still wear feathers after that whole rooster debacle. Who knew blue hair could look sososo demure and uh-mazing?! Love it. The gown itself is kind of like a mullet, except the work is in the back, and the party is in the front. And we're guessing Ke$ha would love the comparison.

But! Let us not forget about the other ladies—Ms. Palermo from The City stunned in a gam-friendly Besoni dress that we're almost POSITIVE she hemmed herself. Call us super sleuths (or stalkers, whatevs), but she was spotted holding the same dress last summer, which we think she altered to show off her GORGEOUS STEMS. Who can blame her? She has legs for years and years.

J. Hud has been CONSTANTLY killing it over the course of the past, oh, I don't know, YEAR, so it was only natural that she brought her A-game last night. Sure, we are wowed by her svelte body, but quietly she is really polishing her red carpet game, especially in this head-to-toe Michael Kors fitted white mini with long sleeves and mirrored pumps. We love that she kept the accessories minimal as to not distract from her beautiful glow. An all-white affair is such a stunning summer combination that we are texting Jennifer RIGHT NOW with just three words: Get it GIRL!