Hot Dad Of The Day: Julian Casablancas From The Strokes Maaaay Be The Coolest Pops Around

Julian Casablancas performs at the Bonnaroo Music festival in Manchester, Tennessee on June 12.
Photo: Getty Images

Father's Day is jusstttt around the corner (Sunday, June 19, for you HORRIBLE CHILDREN who don't know), so us ladies here at MTV Style felt the need to APPRESH all the hot dads out there. We're dedicating "Hot Dude Of The Day" for the rest of the week to all the amazingly beautiful fathers out there because, really, there's nothing cuter than a papa who still werks his style even when he's on dad duty. Hot.

Band dudes. What IS it about them? They are the only people on earth who are allowed to NOT take showers and people will praise them for it. In fact, if they don't do their laundry, they look even better. Maybe we're easy on them because we know they're living out of a tour bus, or the fact that they are sweating on stage EVERY night and, like, showers get annoying, you know? Either way, we're not even MAD. At all. We encourage dirty boys, ESPECIALLY when they are from a band we listen to like, oh, I don't know, The Strokes. These dudes repeatedly kill it with their performance outfits, but if we haddddd to pick a fave it MIGHT be Julian Casablancas.

I KNOW, I KNOW. SUCH a cheap shot going for the lead singer because he's the one "everybody" likes. But, no, it's not LIKE THAT. He's a well-dressed dude, and a DAD you guys. He has a little bay-buh boy named Cal who was only born in March of last year! Awwww! Now throw THAT together with his vintage Led Zeppelin motorcycle jacket, inside-out tee (creative!!!), black jeans, 5,000 black bracelets, and reflective sunglasses, and we've got a WINNER. RIGHT? Also, his shaggy hair is age appropriate without being DAD-like.

Also, look at him. LOOK AT HIM. How Bonnaroo is this moment? He's staring into the southern sun with the reflection of the huge crowd in his eyes, but all he can think about is his son Cal. He's praying for him, guys. He's like, "I don't even care that I'm super famous performing at Bonnaroo in front of all these peeps, I'm doing this for Cal. This one's for YOU, man. Amen." And then he played the best show of his life.