24-Hour Alexander Wang eBay Sale

Alexander Wang Spring 2011 Adele Ombre Clutches.
Photo: Courtesy of Alexander Wang

Maybe it is just a New York thing (not), but every gal who has ever dreamed a dream about a handbag gets weak at the knees and geeky over Alexander Wang's

accessories. Right, his clothing appears on Zoë Kravitz and cool girl Skylar Grey wears Mr. Wang on the red carpet, but in terms of leather goods and shoes that we have major meltdowns over, he really is the domo of downtown cool.

In fact, Alexander took home the Oscars of handbags (THIS IS SUCH A THING) when he nabbed the CFDA Awards for accessory design, which could not have been more appropriate because, we present, exhibit A: The Diego bucket bag. Bucket bags a little too retro for you? Wrong. This perfectly slouchy, pebbled leather, grommet-laden shoulder item nails that hard-to-handle space between a briefcase size and a regular day bag. WHICH MEANS you can fit all of your goods, a T-shirt, maybe a book or two and the videotapes you have to return on your way home without any hassle. Yes, it is more than we'd spend on a single item, but click it again. Go on. I'll wait. See? See? (We have SUCH the same tastes, right?)

Alexander Wang Spring 11 Jade Sting Ray Clutches.
Photo: Courtesy of Alexander Wang

Well, if the $825 price is a little rich for your blood (and mine), then fear not because A. Wang is launching his small goods collection (think wallets, satchels, clutches, all done with his CFDA award-winning finesse) on June 17. (MATH: That is three days from now.) On top of that, he is sliding off of his high fashion pedestal and deigning (just kidding. Alex is totally one of us and wears the same black t-shirt every day) to debut his collection to eBay's Fashion Vault which is a clever curated space for eBayers to get more exclusive fashion. This means that anyone with any sort of Interweb connection can scoop some of his small leather goods, which are a more reasonably priced $200-$500 range. But, eBay and Alexander are not even kidding about this. The anticipated collection goes on sale at 3 a.m. PT, so those who fantasize about how perfect their lives would be if they only had one of his killer handbags and how she'd never be late to work/indignity-free/a paradigm of peace and beauty if only it was hers better wake up early. Ahem.

{via Style.com}