Guess Who Is Terry Richardson's Secret Furry Friend!

Who is the cuddly little furry hiding behind these mitts?
Photo: Terry Richardson/

This was my EXACT train of thought when seeing this photo: hoods with animal ears!!! Plaid paws!!! Furry things on human beings!!! People using animal paws to hide their eyes!!! Who the heck is this Cuteface McCuterson?! I MUST KNOW NOW. And then I resorted to ogling WAY TOO LONG at even more pics of this amazingness, which may or may not have been followed by some internet stalkage.

But I DO feel the need to express that I am not, IN FACT, a furry. I just found this photo to be sososo adorable, and the person who's wearing it is even CUTER. Do you think you can guess who rocked this hood for all furry fandom to DEVOUR? YEAH? TRY ME.

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