Hot Dad Of The Day: David Beckham's The Dapperest Dad In The Galaxy

David Beckham at a Samsung photocall in London on June 13.
Photo: Getty Images

Father's Day is jusstttt around the corner (Sunday, June 19, for you HORRIBLE CHILDREN who don't know), so us ladies here at MTV Style felt the need to APPRESH all the hot dads out there. We're dedicating "Hot Dude Of The Day" for the rest of the week to all the amazingly beautiful fathers out there because, really, there's nothing cuter than a papa who still werks his style even when he's on dad duty. Hot.

Two words always come to mind whenever we see a picture of David Beckham: not fair. David is LIVING PROOF that all those rumors about "once you have a kid you don't have time to care about yourself anymore" are totally and absolutely untrue. I mean, he looks better than most non-dads. And, like, not only is he a dad to THREE kids, but his wife, Victoria Beckham, is currently expecting ANOTHER ONE. AND HE LOOKS LIKE THIS. STILL. AFTER THREE BOYS. *mind blown*

Something is seriously in the water in the Beckham household (Are they drinking the blood of freshly born unicorns? ARE THEY TRICKING US ALL?!?! HOWWW?) because David is basically a BENJAMIN BUTTON of age defiance. Also, has anyone else noticed that he looks EXACTLY Zac Efron? (Related: Zac Efron is 10+ years younger than him. Related: More proof this man does not age.)

But regardless of his pore-free, childlike visage, the man's got MAD style. His fitted gray pinstriped suit complements his hazel peepers perfectly, and WOW! We've never seen anyone rock a collar that wide, but we're lovin' it. Mr. Beckham accessorized with a black-and-white striped tie and matching paisley (yes ladies. We did say paisley) pocket square. He finished off his look with flawless sideswept hair, a ruggedly short beard and cute closed-mouth smile. His side smirk maaayyy be a "tee hee I'm better dressed than ALL Y'ALL IN THE WORLD" grin, but we'll go on record and say that he may be the best dress guy in the world. And the Galaxy. The Los Angeles Galaxy. Heyyyoo!