Cover Girl: Emma Watson Casts A Spell On 'Vogue'

All Photos Courtesy of 'Vogue'/Mario Testino

WOWOWOWOW. Helloooo, NURSE! To say that Emma Watson is stunning on the July cover of Vogue is a vaaaast understatement. Speaking as someone who considers her strength to lie in her hair (à la the biblical Samson), I have nothing but mad respect for a girl who can carry a short 'do, ESPECIALLY a teeny pixie like Emma's. She pulls it off thanks, in part, to her delicate bone structure and gamine features, but mostly because she's a total beauty badass. Come on, the flawless porcelain skin, the liquid scarlet lips, and sculpted brows that so expertly straddle the line between strong and feminine? She's just untouchable.

Emma IRL is seen as pretty much the polar fashion opposite of her mousey character, Hermione. (Don't get us wrong—we love H-dawg with our whole hearts, but you can't deny, girl could get acquainted with a straightener or some anti-frizz serum every once in a while.) And it's the end of the Harry Potter series that brings this monumental (not to mention face-meltingly gorgeous) shoot and interview in the newest issue of Vogue.

Between the glossy pages, we're treated to a futuristic-meets-art-deco luxe spread of Watson in mirrored rooms with gilded floral arrangements. Her doe-like features are balanced by a Tom Ford chain-mail top paired with an Undercover skirt. Deets include a brass metal feather overlay and a metallic Louis Vuitton clutch. Everything she rocks is the brainchild of fashion editor Camilla Nickerson.

It's a good thing Emma is sweet as pie, or with a face like that, she'd be universally hated by girls all across the globe. With not a hair out of place thanks to style Christiaan and immaculately vampy-classy makeup by Val Garland at Streeters, one could almost neglect to ogle the Solange Azagury-Partridge floral bejeweled cocktail rings Emma is also modeling.

Aaaand this picture is where the silvery lining between fantasy and reality begins to disintegrate. Because in what present-day situation can you really picture a crew of three SO insanely well-groomed dapper young men hanging out together? And also not quaking in fear at the sight of the museum-worthy gem-encrusted Dolce & Gabbana dress and Alexander McQueen nude jewel-encrusted thigh-high boots Emma is sporting? (Many boys, wizard or no, can't handle such things.) We'd make some sort of pun about being entranced by this young witch, but it's clear Emma is growing above and beyond the franchise that launched her.