You Know You Want This: 'Twilight' Hair Products!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1.'
Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

If you've been dyyyiinnngg for Bella Swan's luscious waves or Edward Cullen's tousled locks from The Twilight Saga series, now's your chance to steal their hairstyles! PRO Beauty Tools, which were used to style the cast in Breaking Dawn, are releasing a line of Twilight-inspired hair tools with step-by-step instructions on how to re-create your favorite character's look. The products include:

• Bella Swan styling iron for Kristen Stewart's GORGE tousled ringlets

• Edward Cullen styling iron for Robert Pattinson's perfectly messy disheveled 'do

• Alice Cullen styler for Ashley Greene's pin-straight bob

• Esme Cullen styler for Elizabeth Reaser's retro curls

• Rosalie Hale hair setter for Nikki Reed's romantic waves

• An Ionic hair dryer (with KStew and RPattz plastered all over the packaging)

While we're beyond stoked for all of these products to come out (um, we will buy literally ANYTHING with Mr. Pattinson's face on it. Also, styling tools with Twilight peeps on them means you NEVER HAVE TO PUT THEM AWAY IN YOUR BATHROOM. Yussss.), but YOU GUYS, WHERE'S JACOB?!?! Is his thick, wolfy hair not worthy enough?! What does this meannnnn? We're already crying at the LACK of Taylor Lautner's face being all over everything we own. (Ed note: Speak for yourself, TayTay's mug is ironed/embroidered/puffy-painted on everything I own. Btw: They're losing a MINT on chest-waxing products for the guy, A MINT!) {Via CocoPerez}