Hot Dude Of The Day: More Scott Speedman Please

Scott Speedman at a Tommy Hilfiger launch party in L.A. on June 9.
Photo: Getty Images

NOMMMMMMM. Remember Ben Covington Scott Speedman you guys?! OF COURSE YOU DO. Because you miss seeing his cute little face around since Felicity ended a bajillion years ago. Like, he's WORKING. He's GETTING WORK. His IMDb profile tells us so (it also tells us that people confuse him with the douchy dude from Creed?!!! OH HALE NO.), but we really haven't seen him since The Strangers with Liv Tyler. And, like, there are SOOO many rom com roles that should've been replaced with Scott *ahem* anything with Bradley Cooper *ahem* or, as one Entertainment Weekly writer puts it, "Should Have Been Speedman." But yeah, yeah, yeah, we could talk ALL DAY about how Scotty should've been an A-lister, and he's the best unrequited love to ever grace our TV screens and yadda yadda yadda, but let's just be happy we even SEE him at events like this one. And that he looks mad cute when he does show up.

Scott has always rocked that rugged preppy look, so it's only naaaaatural he'd turn up to a Tommy Hilfiger launch party. He sported a fitted black suit, crisp white shirt, and shiny navy blue tie. He kept the accessories simple with a black leather belt and well-worn, slip-on leather shoes. But here's the deal: No matter WHAT Scott wears, it's always his hair that steals the show. We don't know if he's sneaking some prenatal vitamins into his diet (kinda weird, but we'd NEVER judge Scotty. Bet your nails are shiny, tooooo), but his hair grows faster and fiercer than any man we've seen. He's mastered the shaggy chic hair, the frat boy gelled tips, the Russell Crowe hairy man beard and hair combo, the buzz cut, and even the corporate dude slicked back 'do. Now, he sports the "molded cowlick look," which we assume is formed with lots of pomade and finger twirling, but we're not mad at it. We're HIGHLY supportive of you Scott. And your little face scruff too.

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