Ke$ha Responds To Rise In Rooster Killing For Feather Hair Extensions

Ke$ha at a Wango Tango concert in L.A. on May 14, and performing on the 'Today' show in New York on Aug. 13.
Photo: Getty Images

Ke$ha can take FULL credit for becoming one of the leaders of the feather hair extension craze that's been sweeping through salons like wildfire, but should people peg her as the source for roosters that die after their plumage is plucked? Ke$ha doesn't think so! While stylists scour their nearest fish bait shops for these specific hard-to-find feathers (the long, skinny black-and-white striped feathers called "grizzly saddle"), farmers can't keep up with demand. One farm harvests about 1,500 birds a week and can barely keep up with its current orders, boosting the price of the plumes up to nearly $500! (One grizzly saddle feather sold for $480 on eBay after 31 bids.) Because the demand is high, more roosters are being euthanized after their saddle feathers are plucked.

Yesterday Ke$ha defended herself against this fowl play (heh) explaining that there are other ways to go about rockin' this hair trend without killing roosters. She pointed her fans to Fauxtale, a pair of designers who only use recycled feathers. See what else she had to say about the bird controversy below! {Via Seattle Times}

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