Hot Dude Of The Day: Demetri Martin's So Adorbz, It's Not Even Funny

Demetri Martin at the 'Celebrate Sundance Institute' benefit in Beverly Hills on June 8.
Photo: Getty Images

If you didn't already know, comedian Demetri Martin is every nerdy girl's dream boy. He is painstakingly smart (like, he ACTUALLY attended Yale and NYU law school. For real. For real, for real) and is known for his hilariously witty TV show Important Things with Demetri Martin. And when it comes to style, he ADAMANTLY refuses to give up his bowl cut even though he's almost pushing 40. Thaaaaaat's why we love him. I mean, who else openly rocks vintage Mickey Mouse pullovers and sweater vests proudly displaying their scholastic achievements? No one. And YEAHHH people might mistake him for a goofy, bookworm "emo" dude because of his flair for old-timey outfits and shaggy hair, but they are SO SO wrong. Exhibit A.) Demetri last night at a Sundance benefit in Beverly Hills.

Mr. Martin's style is evolving. His 'do is a little more shaped than it used to be and look! He's wearing a blue and white gingham button-up shirt with a brown corduroy blazer, dark skinny jeans, and slip-on brown suede shoes—a farrrrrrr cry from his T-shirt and sneaker days. It's obvious Demetri wants to be taken seriously, so we are here to do just that. We're seriously in love with his puppy dog brown eyes. We're seriously obsessed with his lusciously shiny Grecian locks. We're seriously into his ability to mix witty wordplay with mathy equations. And we're seriously into his dad chic style. *quickly does a Google search to see if he's actually a dad* Lucky for us, he has NOT actually fathered any children, but he is obviously prepping for the role quite well.

We only have one teensy, tiny little tip for you, Demetri. From the looks of it, you could grow an AMAZING beard. Not many dudes can say that. So you know what? Just try it! A little 5 o'clock shadow never hurt anyone. Just, you know, something we've been dreaming about we'd like to see in the future. That, along with another television show. You know, whatever works.

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