The Math On Suri Cruise's $150,000 Shoe Collection

Suri Cruise in New York City on March 16, on April 13, and again on March 16, 2011.
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We ought to get these things right out of the way before proceeding: Apparently Suri Cruise, child of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, has a shoe collection worth $150,000. The Daily Mail has an insider claiming that "The older she gets, the less she wants to wear anything but little heels," and that she gets all sniffly if Katie opts for anything but girlywear. Whatever. So, basically, we are OK with this because a) we are a fashion blog and we love looking at other people's insanely expensive digs while we weep silently over the sole-less heels of our sad hand-me-downs and b) not one of us has kids so we aren't going to front like we know what it takes to be a good parent. Oh, and c) Let's be completely honest. If we weren't living on a steady diet of Kool-Aid packets and shards of childhood dreams, we'd totally get the little ones in our lives totally excessive, designer stuff...especially when it's all patent and covered in baby bows.

Basically, we aren't here to judge. But we are here to tell you how likely it is that a 5-year-old girl could own $150K in shoes, and the short answer is: Probably not, but maybe. Here's how:

Reportedly, Katie has commissioned some of her favorite designers, including Christian Louboutin, to make customized shoes for her little girl, complete with a tiny little heel (Aw). A customized pair of Christian Louboutin's costs an adult $3,000-$5,000 a pair, so we could venture that a miniset might run between $2,000-$4,000. We'd assume, the rate at which she wears them, Suri would own five or six pairs. That's $10,000-$28,000 right there. Then there's Lil' Marc Jacobs, which is her favorite brand ('s not like Suri calls us to gab fashion...), which offers shoes retailing around $200-$300 dollars. Hypothetically, she'd have about 15 pairs (we don't think MJ even offers that many). That'd rake in about $3,000-$4,500, taking our total to anywhere between $13,000 and $32,500.

Maybe she'd have a few pairs of Gucci slip-ons (about $300 a pop) and maybe 10 pairs of Uggs (she is seen in them regularly), which'd run TomKat about $2,000. Then throw in a couple DVF slip-ons and her adorable Pom D'api boots (the silver ones she is frequently seen in) and the small ballet-type things that she wears on a regular basis, like these Miss Grant Diamante's. One would propose she owns about 100 pairs—there are blogs literally dedicated to tracking down what she is wearing, and she rarely doubles up—each ranging between $150-$250 in price.

That takes our total to $35,900 on the low end and $61,500 on the extreme side. Of course, we are setting a rough estimate at about 120 pairs a year for the girl—a hefty number but not creepy and doll-like yet. Or Katie can be literally swimming in tiny shoes, hoarding them all to herself and smelling their insoles, refusing to throw them out and keeping them to house her tears. We'll guess that's unlikely, and Suri's footwear is closer to $50K, which certainly isn't nothing to sniff at, but not wildly insane for a celeb's spawn child either. Especially one that has playdates with Xenu.

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