Elle Fanning In 'BlackBook' Magazine

While it's unnerving to think that Elle Fanning is still just a wee 13-year-old, the sought-after actress and Super 8 star has been gracing fashion editorials for several seasons now. The thing about this BlackBook magazine spread that we particularly enjoy is its austerity. Granted the flaxen-haired babychild looks sort of glum and we prefer her in bright, fresh, bursts of age-appropriate color (like, when she wore floral Dolce & Gabbana to the Movie Awards. Also, pssssst we added video to the link so def come check it out) but the fashion references that are evoked here definitely remind us of our youth. A certain waifish Kate Moss for Calvin Klein as shot by Mario Sorrenti. KNAWMEAN?

Something about the wan tone and the blank stare looks haunted yet sweet, and all told it's a refreshing palate cleanser to the oversaturated, overlit, color-blocked, people-jumping, action-packed motif or the contrasting, water-colored, ethereal, dappled sunlight, hazy-days-of-summer aesthetic that tends to flood our fullbleeds around this time of the year. Granted, the milky patch of upper inner thigh exposed in the last shot does teeter into eek territory, but it's also where we focus on how nice her eyebrows are.

Plus, we do definitely appreciate the rare sight of Ms. Fanning in jeans. Especially what appears to be high-waisted, straightforwardly dyed/washed blues that hearkens to a black-and-white version of the ol' Brooke Shields Calvin Klein campaign from 1981 ("nothing comes between me and my Calvins") when Brooke was a mere 15 years old. And, er, um, when Elle Fanning was negative 17 years old. Wow, I totally barfed a little crunching the numbers on that one. ANYWAY, like every other example of a very young person modeling fashion, this makes us feel feelings. But not entirely unpleasant ones because, despite our creaking limbs, and increasingly diesel moisturizing regimens, we totes were all young once, too. And similarly, Elle Fanning will get old. Mwahahahahahahahaha. *thunder claps and mustache twirls*

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