Blogger Looks We Love: Tied Shirt, Long Skirt!

Chloe Wise, Kara Endres, and Corrie Feld.
Photo: Courtesy of bloggers Naughty Mess, Sprinkles In Springs, Brooklyn Bliss.

There's something sooooo pleasing about cinching an oversize blouse at the waist—it makes every girl appear sleeker and gives her curves the hug that they deserve. But it's also so awesomely '90s that you have to be careful not to go overboard. (We love you Brit Brit, but we're not going for your "Baby One More Time" look.) And that's why we admire how these bloggers kept the belly-baring to a minimum by pairing their blouses with high-waisted long skirts or dresses. This classy combination even inspired us to try this look. Like, we're actually wearing it right now. As we type. All of us. We even pulled out the shirts of our male counterparts and tied them up. As such we're not that popular in the building at the moment but we're more than alright with that. ANYWAY, on to the ladies.

Canadian-based blogger Chloe Wise of Naughty Mess (misnomer alert) wore a '70s-inspired ensemble that included a sheer beige blouse, black motorcycle jacket, red paisley midi skirt, black tights, polka-dot pumps, a brown wide-brimmed floppy hat, western medallion belt, and an Alexander Wang bag (JELZ). We're mildly obsessed with Chloe just from scrolling through her blog (she used to have killer green ombre hair), but we're even MORE in love with her ability to mix country and urban chic into one perfectly packaged ensemble. Side note: Can we move to Canada and be your BFF? It's so HOT here.

Sprinkles In Springs fashion blogger, Kara Endres, oozes summer radiance in her breezy pleated dress ensemble. We are SO smitten with her printed Urban Outfitters shirt that we're holding back from scouring the web to finding it IMMEDIATELY. Even better, though, is how she finished her look by tying the blouse over a black knee-length pleated dress and accessorized ASOS straw hat, silver metallic Elliott Lucca bag, and dorbz pink and orange colorblocked Nine West platform shoes.

Hailing from Williamsburg, Brooklyn (hay, gurl, hay), Brooklyn Bliss blogger Corrie Feld NAILS the maxi dress + chambray shirt + leather jacket equation in a fun, layered assemblage. Her husband told her, "You look like you’re going to participate in a drum circle, then milk a cow and them jump on a motorcycle," but we HIGHLY disagree. (Plus, what's wrong with a little multitasking, eh? Ehhh?) The best part about this vegan blogger's look is that it's TOTALLY affordable: Old Navy shirt, Liberty for London Target dress, and Target pleather jacket. BRB, buying everything she owns right this second.

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