Watch Katy Perry Magically Change Outfits Eight Times In One Song

Katy Perry performing in London on March 17 and in Atlanta on June 8.
Photo: Getty Images/rdktb's YouTube

CRIKEY! You guys. This is INCREDIBLE. Some amazing amateur Werner Herzog uploaded this video of Katy Perry performing "Hot N Cold" on her California Dreams tour while in Atlanta, and she changes outfits EIGHT FREAKING TIMES during ONE SONG. But, like, magically.

It works like this: "Look at me, I'm Katy Perry, I'm singing," and then a dude pulls up this fabric-lined Hula-Hoop thing, shakes it for about 3 seconds, and then pulls it down. VOILÀ! New dress. A few times, she even walks through a red curtain-lined trap door. In with one outfit, out with another. Not only is this mind searing for the PURE FACT that she completely changes ASAP, but dang, girl's got A LOT of outfits (Some even of the muumuu variety)! Butbutbut the best part (SPOILER ALERT!!) is at the end when she switches her ensemble while GLITTER IS BEING THROWN ON HER. A lesser star would be so ferklempt over the glitter and the lights and the noise, but not Ms. Perry, who makes losing her clothes look simply effortless.