Cover Girl: Lady Gaga Looks Like A Hippie On 'Spex' Magazine

Our dear old Aunt Gaga on the June cover of 'Spex'
Photo: Wolfgang Tillmans/Spex

Whoa. Just when we thought Lady Gaga was incapable of surprising us, she up and appears on German culture and music mag Spex doing the au natural thing like it's NBD. In fact, "surprise" is putting it mildly considering, "mind-frying shock" seems closer to the truth.

But here is what we're reminded of: Gaga is an empirically striking young lady. She has piercing eyes, a wide and expressive mouth, and as our mothers used to say, "When you wipe that stuff off of your face, you really do look much lovelier. Plus, you won't attract those horrible boys you normally do with your misleading harlot appearance." Oh moms...

It's just a pleasant treat to see what rosy, well-maintained skin Ms. Gaga has underneath the protruding bones and lipstick. (Remember the crying moment in "Bad Romance"? She reminded us of her sheer naked power then, as well.) Of course, her requisite eyeliner is still present, because, well, she still is Lady Gaga, but the beige-y lipstick and clarity of the image really strikes a youthful, bracing note.

Oh, but notice the sleeveless studded vest. It may seem off-message what with the leaf and all, but let us remind you that Lady Gaga feels naked without it. And posing for a major European magazine with very little makeup may make one feel relatively exposed and this is as "naked" as we've seen in a while. Loves it.